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Zero-Cost Advertising Program

There is a big monetary difference obtainable between paying for products with cash and paying for products, part with Value Certificates and the remainder with cash.

Example One: A person goes shopping and wants to purchase a product that sells for $100.00. They purchase the item with cash and take possession of the product. The transaction is legally finished.

Example Two: A person goes shopping and wants to purchase a product that sells for $100.00. The merchant’s business has previously contractually agreed to accept 25% of the purchase in Value Certificates. Therefore, the purchased item is paid with $25.00 in Value Certificates and $75.00 in cash. The purchaser is now financially even and has received possession of the product. The difference is the Distributor will be paid 25% cash back for the transaction in example two.

ValQuest Ads is a person-to-person Advertising Company that promotes our Zero-Cost Advertising Program for a variety of business categories. A Distributor loans ValQuest Ads twenty-five dollars a week using our Self-Liquidating Loan Program. The one-hundred dollars loaned by the Distributor is deposited into the Advertising Unit Account. A portion of the Advertising Unit Account is used to create an inventory of Value Certificates. The creation of Value Certificates increases the value of the Company. The balance of the Advertising Unit Account is deposited into the Redemption Value Account and is utilized to pay the four commissions. The four commissions are named the Alpha Personal Commission, the Beta Organization Commission, the Delta Fast Start Bonus, and the Omega Direct Commission.

ValQuest Ads will issue Value Certificates to the Distributor that has a redemption value of one-hundred dollars. The Distributor will be issued and redeems the Value Certificates at our Authorized Redemption Centers. This action increases the potential value of the Company to two hundred dollars. The Distributor orders and receives the purchased merchandise they would normally buy, paying a portion with Value Certificates. The Distributor is now considered mathematically and financially even. Therefore, the net cost for the Distributor to participate in the Value Certificate Program is zero dollars.

ValQuest Ads compensates the participating Distributor with 25% cash-back on the Value Certificates redeemed. The activity of redeeming the Value Certificates and earning a commission is called the Dollar Stretcher Program. The Dollar Stretcher Program is designed and intended to financially help customers and distributors with the rising cost of everything caused by inflation. The cash back funds earned by the participants are paid from the Alpha Personal Commission Account. All participating Distributors will receive the Alpha Personal Commission payment.

The net cost for a distributor to enroll is $9.00 a month, payable once a year as an Annual Distributorship Fee of $108.00. The Distributor may earn up to 50% from the Alpha Personal Commission and Beta Organization Commission funds. The Distributor may also earn additional funds from the Delta Fast Start Bonus and the Omega Direct Commission sections of the compensation plan.

ValQuest Ads Inc is a person-to-person advertising company. Its business model is designed to function with the assistance of Distributors to promote person-to-person zero-cost advertising campaigns for businesses. We ask our Distributors to advertise and broadcast relevant information about our participating merchant clients to potential customers.

We offer our merchant clients a way to advertise with us for free. In its simplest form, this means they do not pay us, and we do not pay them! We call the free method of advertising the Zero-Cost Advertising Program. The Zero-Cost Advertising Program may also apply to the participating distributors.

The ValQuest Zero-Cost Advertising Program was created to give our clients additional cost-cutting options to financially support their advertising needs. The Zero-Cost Advertising Program was designed to offer zero-cost advertising for our clients, to create value for our customers, and to provide an income path for our Distributors. ValQuest Ads compensates our Distributors to shop with Value Certificates at our Authorized Redemption Centers.

ValQuest’s primary business plan is centered on the merchant’s Zero-Cost Advertising Program coupled with Distributor person-to-person advertising. The business purpose is to provide customers with a way to save money when purchasing everyday items by utilizing a voucher system. The vouchers will be utilized to identify a person to a participating merchant’s business, to verify that the person is entitled to a discount on the merchant’s products and/or services, and to track the success and effectiveness of a client’s Advertising Campaign. The vouchers will be redeemed for the discount offered by the Authorized Redemption Centers.

ValQuest’s goals are to provide value in the marketplace for our customers, an income opportunity for our distributors, and to offer free advertising for the merchants that participate in our zero-cost advertising campaigns.

The income opportunity and the Distributor’s Compensation Plan are based upon a Multi-Generation Marketing Uni-Level approach to marketing and product distribution. The term Uni-Level suggests each distributor is responsible for teaching one level or generation of distributors. A distributor may receive personal compensation by acquiring an unlimited number of customers and by personally enrolling an unlimited number of distributors to help increase their overall business volume.

ValQuest Ads business concepts are unique within the industry. We have an inflation fighter agenda. We refer to the agenda as the Dollar Stretcher Program. The process compensates each distributor 25% cash back on the Value Certificates redeemed as the distributor goes shopping. Customers that help them qualify will also receive a cash back reward from their distributor. Distributors will receive an income for going shopping and may receive an additional income when their organization distributors go shopping.

We are not asking people to spend money they are not already spending or buy what they are not already buying; we are just helping them do it in a more productive way.

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States is responsible for regulating the direct sales industry. It has enacted a law the requires each distributor in the direct sales industry to acquire ten customers. A customer is defined as a person who is not a distributor. One way a distributor may acquire customers is by showing the financial opportunity to people that reject the opportunity to become a distributor but may accept the opportunity to become a customer.

Distributors acquiring customers is important to the Distributors Zero-Cost Advertising Program. The Alpha Personal Commission was designed to provide an income to the Distributor and from the Distributor to his/her customers. The advantage to the distributor is the customer’s participation has ensured the distributor will be eligible to collect commissions from the other three income methods.

ValQuest Ads connects Distributors with participating businesses that accept Value Certificates. The participating businesses are named and called Authorized Redemption Centers. ValQuest Ads then compensate Distributors for shopping at these businesses. Distributors will be compensated using the Multi-Generation Marketing compensation plan for the success of a merchant’s advertising campaign. The success is determined by the total amount of ValQuest Value Certificates redeemed at participating merchant’s businesses during an advertising campaign’s period. A distributor’s primary responsibilities are spelled out in the company’s name ValQuest Ads. ValQuest means the Quest for Value and ADS is an acronym for Advertising, Distribution, and Sales.


The cost to participate as a Distributor in the ValQuest Ads Business Model is $9.00 a month. It is payable once a year as an Annual Distributorship Fee of $108.00.

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