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ValQuest Ads Agenda

The ValQuest Ads agenda can easily be discovered by following in the footsteps of a new distributor. The structure of ValQuest Ads Business Plan contains numerous unique items that set it apart from the competition. We want people to join our organization and participate in the Dollar Stretcher Cash Back System without having to purchase items they are not already buying. The initial funds required for a Distributor to participate in the compensation plan is $9.00 a month, payable once a year as an Annual Distributorship Fee of $108.00. After the Application and Agreement has been processed, every Self-Liquidating Loan participant is eligible to receive a check.

We are not asking people to spend money they are not already spending or buy what they are not already buying; we are just providing them with a more productive way to earn money as they purchase items.

A key component of our plan is to show our Distributors how to overcome the harmful effects of inflation. The real solution to inflation is to provide an alternative method of payment that contains added value. To understand the meaning of value, let me compare price with value.

Price is what a person pays: Price is a dollar amount; Value is what a person gets: Value is the relative worth or desirability of something to a person. Desirability means a person is willing to exchange their money for the item of value.

ValQuest Ads does not sell products. We provide a service to existing businesses. The purpose of our distributors is to provide the person-to-person word of mouth information exchange required during an advertising campaign. ValQuest Ads agenda is quite different when compared to the basic MLM corporate structure agenda. We require our Distributors to slightly change the things they do before going shopping so they can participate in an advertising campaign.

ValQuest Ads designed the Business Plan so that a person can participate in the compensation plan at or near a net zero-cost level. The difference is in the way they make payment. A net zero-cost level can be achieved by a person purchasing items that they would normally purchase with part Value Certificates and the remainder with cash. ValQuest Ads agenda is to help individuals overcome the harmful effects of inflation by providing compensation to our distributors and their customers.

The first item required of a distributor is to acquire Value Certificates. This is a relativity easy task. Select the Value Certificates needed from the Packing Sheet, file the Self-Liquidating Loan paperwork, and the Value Certificates will be issued to the participant. The loaned money is held safely in the compensation account. The next item is for our participants to go shopping at our Authorized Redemption Centers. Simply redeem the Value Certificates for the agreed percentage, pay the balance due with cash or credit card, and receive your name brand products. The participants will have received their products and are now financially even.

ValQuest Ads agenda and philosophy are to earn the maximum money possible for our participants. We combat inflation by providing our Dollar Stretcher Cashback System to our distributors and from our distributors to their customers. All participants are guaranteed a check with a payment of 25% of the Redemption Value. The payment is made from the Alpha Personal Commission Account. The participants are now considered to have a financial gain.

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