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Our Story

Being friends for more than two decades, you come across the need to vent to one another over the years. One such story had led to the determination to create an opportunity in which you may be choosing to travel upon as a result.

One evening while discussing a close passion for adopting a pet dog, one of our teammates mentioned a disappointing story discovered when speaking to the owner of a Non-Kill animal shelter. Her story told of declining donations and what it takes to hire her advertising team to rally up funds in order to keep the place afloat. Upon hearing this, our teammate was overwhelmingly inspired to create an advertising campaign that would solve multiple problems at once. The task was to raise finances and advertise awareness for the pet rescue center, put more finances and value in the hands of donors/ participants, and regenerate “Brick and Mortar” businesses that could also in turn benefit the Non-Kill rescue centers.

After 7 years of countless revisions, the perfect storm had come alive. We had created the value certificate. Once redeemed, portions automatically benefit the Non-Kill shelter discussed above, add value to end user purchasing power, and through our advertising company website, users can locate all of our participating locations to redeem their value, thus completing the loop and hitting all three targets as desired.

Our excitement is revealed and ready for action. If you haven’t already made it a point to participate in a loop that keeps on giving, then do it now. The more you save the more you donate simultaneously. If you are a participating vendor, you are also directly donating because if it were not for you the donations would never take place to begin with. So thank you all in advance for your efforts in completing this journey.

The ValQuest Team


ValQuest Ads Inc. registered as a for-profit Florida Corporation in late 2017. The principal intent of the business is to provide our Zero-Cost Advertising Program (Z-CAP) to businesses. The cost of the advertising campaigns will be financed by an organization of participating members and distributors. The initial advertising campaigns will be offered to a variety of business categories.

ValQuest’s primary business plan is centered on the merchant’s Zero-Cost Advertising Program coupled with member person-to-person advertising. The business purpose is to provide customers a way to save money when purchasing everyday items by utilizing a voucher system. The vouchers will be utilized to identify a person to a participating merchant’s business, to verify that the person is entitled to a discount on the merchant’s products and/or services, and to track the success and effectiveness of a client’s Advertising Campaign.

ValQuest’s goals are to provide value in the marketplace for our customers, an income opportunity for our distributors, and to offer free advertising for the merchants that participate in our zero-cost advertising campaigns.

Dynamic LifeWorks Inc.

The first distributorship enrolled into the Company will be a 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation. Its name is Dynamic LifeWorks Inc. Its purpose is to provide money for food, shelter, and medical care for abandoned and rescued family pets. Instead of just asking for donations Dynamic LifeWorks Inc. activity will be to build an organization that will provide the necessary income needed to accomplish the stated purposes. We invite all members to Help Us Help Them by your participation in the ValQuest Ads Inc. income opportunity.

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