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Personal Sales Commission
Customer Sales

Distributors are promoting advertising campaigns as independent business owners. The Personal Sales Commission is a commission earned on the sale of Value Certificates to customers purchased directly from the Distributor. The business plan is designed to have distributors sell Value Certificates to customers and pay them a 25% refund from their Alpha Personal Commission account. The value will be realized by the customer as the ValQuest Value Certificates are redeemed. The direct benefit to the distributor is the customer’s volume adds to the distributor’s volume. The added customer volume will help the Distributor qualify for a higher Title.

Customers want to earn money and keep “in their pocket” as much money as possible when purchasing goods and/or services. The money earned by the customer will help them fight the harmful effects of inflation. ValQuest Ads contracts with various businesses to accept part of the payment due from customers in a type of voucher named the ValQuest Value Certificate. Customers that redeem ValQuest Value Certificates at a participating Authorized Redemption Center (ARC) business will earn “in their pocket” money.

ValQuest Ads does not sell Value Certificates. They are issued to Members and Distributors that participate in the Company’s Self-Liquidating Loan Programs. Members and Distributors may sell Value Certificates to their Customers. The Company issues the Value Certificates to our Distributors and then encourages them to sell the product to their customers. Money saved is money earned.


All sales to customers must be recorded on a duplicate Retail Sales Receipt and filed on the Monthly Distribution Report.

Compensation Plan Outline

The company has developed a generous and profitable performance-based Compensation Plan for the distributors that participate. ValQuest Ads Inc. does not pay a commission on the ValQuest Value Certificate sales. Instead, the Company pays a commission on the success of a merchant’s advertising campaign. One of the ways the success of an advertising campaign is determined is by the number of ValQuest Value Certificates redeemed at the Authorized Redemption Centers.

The Compensation Plan contains multiple compensation classifications:

  1. Personal Sales Commission
  2. Alpha Personal Commission PV
  3. Beta Organization Commission
  4. Delta Fast-Start Bonus
  5. Omega Direct Commission

Customer Service

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