Monthly Distribution Report

Monthly Distribution Report

The personal sale is a central part of the business opportunity and is the key that unlocks the gate a distributor must pass through to qualify for additional company compensation. The total sales volume made by distributors will be recorded on a Monthly Distribution Report (MDR). Distributors must submit the Monthly Distribution Report to the company to receive commissions and bonuses.

The information recorded by the distributor in the Monthly Distribution Report is compared to the required merchant’s information and is utilized to track the effectiveness of an Advertising Campaign, to comply with Federal Court Orders and Rulings, and to calculate the commission and bonus payments.

It is very important for the distributors to file the Monthly Distribution Report. Two reports are needed to determine an accurate Redemption Volume (RV) number. The first report is the Monthly Distribution Report filed by distributors. The Company creates the second Authorized Redemption Center Monthly Report (ARCMR) from information provided by the various participating Authorized Redemption Centers. These two Reports will be compared, and the Redemption Volume will be determined and recorded. The RV number will then be utilized to calculate the Commissions and Bonuses for the Omega Commission Account.

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