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Introduction to ValQuest Ads

The Training Documents are designed to convey the concepts of the Business Plan. ValQuest Ads is a person-to-person Advertising Company. With the help of its members, it conducts and promotes Zero-Cost Advertising Campaigns for Businesses. The name of the Company contains an acronym: ValQuest Ads means “The Quest for Value” and the ADS stands for Advertising, Distribution, and Sales.

Members will embark upon a life-changing journey if they choose wisely and decide to build this business with us. We have purposely designed a financial opportunity beyond a person’s wildest dreams for their benefit. The business plan contains a great concept that will make members money as they go shopping. In its simplest form the concept is: When Shopping – Make Money.

We are not asking people to spend money they aren’t already spending or buy what they aren’t already buying; we are just providing them with a more productive way to save money as they spend money.


It is acknowledged by the public that the purchasing power of the dollar note has diminished over time. Most people recognize the note’s diminished value, and the resulting loss in purchasing power, as inflation. Inflation is a financial enemy to all of humanity, especially those on limited fixed incomes. It is a hidden tax that erodes the value of money over time and eventually decreases each person’s purchasing power.

Inflation has been found to increase its footprint in America at the average rate of a ten-time increase every fifty years. A modest house that cost $5,000 in 1940 would cost $50,000 by 1990, and at the present rate of inflation will cost $500,000 by the year 2040. During the same period, wages will have fallen behind the increase in cost by about 40%. It has been found that inflation steals from the people with low and fixed incomes the most.

Inflation’s cause is the excessive printing and distribution of notes. We cannot stop the U.S. Treasury from printing an excess of notes, and we have no power to stop the Federal Reserve System from issuing the notes that cause inflation! They are simply not going to stop. Inflation is simply a money supply problem that has no competition. Therefore, one solution to inflation is to introduce some type of competition that has monetary value in the marketplace


The question is: what can a person do about inflation? Until now, the average person’s only solution to that question was to either ask their boss for a raise or work a second job to earn more money! That method simply gives the illusion of reducing the effects of inflation.

The real solution to inflation is to provide an alternative method of payment that contains added value. To understand the meaning of value, let me compare price with value. Price is what a person pays: Price is a dollar amount; value is what a person gets: Value is the relative worth or desirability of something to a person. Desirability means a person is willing to exchange their money for the item of value.

To help offset the harmful results of inflation ValQuest Ads Inc. has created Value Certificates and the Authorized Redemption Centers. A person that receives and redeems our product is directly contributing to an advertising campaign for a participating business. This activity will offset the personal effects of inflation by stretching the value of the dollar.

The Triple Win Business Plan

ValQuest Ads Inc. has developed a triple win business plan. Our goals are to provide value in the marketplace for our customers, an income opportunity for our distributors, and zero-cost advertising for businesses. The triple win business plan provides a win for our customers, a win for our Distributors, and a win for our merchants.

The initial business plan’s purpose is to fight the harmful effects of inflation by providing customers with a way to earn money whenever they spend money. Members will earn money on everything they buy. We are not asking people to spend money they are not already spending or buy what they are not already buying; we are just providing them with a more productive way to earn money as they purchase items.

ValQuest Ads business model functions with the aid of members and distributors to promote advertising campaigns for businesses. One of our membership’s main responsibilities is to advertise and broadcast relevant information about our participating businesses to potential customers. The cost of the advertising campaigns will be funded by an organization of our members when participating in the Self-Liquidating Loan Programs. The Value Certificates received are very desirable because a member’s price is much less than the value received.

A business typically offers a discount on the products and services they advertise to the general public. We ask them for this discount on their products and services for the customers we send them. The business will be able to identify our customers because they will present the Value Certificates to the business during the checkout process. The merchants will collect the Value Certificates from the customer for the amount of the discounted percentage they agreed to in the Merchant’s Advertising Agreement.

The company has developed a generous and profitable performance-based Compensation Plan for the distributors that participate. ValQuest Ads Inc. does not pay a commission on the ValQuest Value Certificate sales, since ValQuest Ads does not sell Value Certificates. Instead, the Company pays a commission on the success of a merchant’s advertising campaign. One of the ways the success of an advertising campaign is determined is by the number of ValQuest Value Certificates redeemed at the Authorized Redemption Centers.

The business plan is designed to financially reward participants for shopping at our participating Authorized Redemption Centers. The personal use of our product will produce an immediate financial gain for our customers and distributors. The value will be realized, and the income process will begin as the ValQuest Value Certificates are redeemed.

How the Average Person Earns a Paycheck

The average person uses the Addition Dollars method to earn a paycheck. They trade an hour of their time for an hourly wage. They receive their paycheck, which typically takes 40 hours to earn, and then they pay the bills. Usually, most of the money is gone in less than one hour. This activity results in a big problem when trying to get ahead. Add inflation to the equation and it becomes even more difficult.

There is a better way to earn an income. It is done by multiplying a person’s time. The method invites a person to increase their fortune by personally participating in a multiplied time business plan that empowers other people to do the same thing.

How Banks Make Money

In the early days of banking history silver and gold were accepted as the preferred payment method for goods and services. It was an intricate system for payment in its raw form. Later banks took in the metals and issued paper money for the amount deposited. During America’s history banks have issued the Continental Dollar, the US Federal Dollar, the Green Backs, the Silver Certificates, and we now have the Federal Reserve Notes. The paper money system has become accepted as the preferred method of payment.

Today, if a person walks into a bank and wants to cash a check, borrow money, or open an account, the bank officer immediately wants that person to open two accounts: a checking account and a savings account. The reason for the request is because banks have several ways of making money from a person’s deposits. They have short-term loans from a checking account and long-term loans from a savings account. They can create money utilizing the fractional reserve banking laws from a person’s deposit and they may open a third bank account. They can lend that third account money out seven to ten times the amount the customer originally deposited and can begin to charge interest payments on the amount loaned. A customer’s $1,000 deposit immediately turns into $7,000 to $10,000 in Potential Value for the bank.

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