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Q. Is ValQuest Ads a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

A. ValQuest Ads Business Plan was designed to begin operations in three phases. In its present phase-one form the answer to that question is no. It is not a Multi-Level Marketing company. It has begun operations as a traditional advertising company. During phase-three it will transition into a Multi-Generation Marketing company.

Q. Why are the three-phases necessary?

A. ValQuest Ads promotes person-to-person advertising campaigns for businesses. We offer our Zero-Cost Advertising Program (Z-CAP) to a variety of business categories. One of the first questions asked by the business owners is; how many customers can you send me? Since we are just beginning the answer to their question is zero, so the three phases are necessary.

Q. What is being done during the three phases?

A. Three main items are being accomplished during phase-one. The first item is assembling two websites: one for the membership and another for the merchant businesses. The second item is a membership drive to increase our numbers. The third item during phase-one is to promote a Self-Liquidating Loan Program. During phase-two we will begin to sponsor the businesses and then liquidate the Self-Liquidating Loans. Phase-three contains the business launch where Members may transition into Distributors.

Q. What is the Self-Liquidating Loan Program?

A. The Self-Liquidating Loan Program is a start-up loan from our membership to the Company. The funds will give the Company the operating capital needed to build the websites, purchase the software, and complete the videos. The members that apply and are accepted into the SLL Program will receive Value Certificates during phase-two. The Value Certificates will liquidate the loan.

Q. How much does it cost to become a Distributor?

A. The Annual Distributorship Fee is $108.00. 

Q. What is a ValQuest Value Certificate?

A. It is a tool we use to promote our zero-cost advertising campaigns for businesses. In its simplest form it is a type of voucher. It has multiple functions as described in the Definition of Terms.

Q. What can be purchased with Value Certificates?

A. The basic answer to that question will be anything that can be purchased with cash and/or credit cards and is advertised using our system. Recognizable everyday brand name items can be purchased from our redemption centers. We are not asking people to spend money they aren’t already spending or buy what they aren’t already buying: we are just helping them do it in a more productive way.

Q. How much do Value Certificates cost?

A. The cost to a Distributor for a One Dollar ValQuest Value Certificate is zero. The cost to a customer for a One Dollar ValQuest Value Certificate is $1.00.

Q. Are there other ways to earn income besides the Personal Sales Commission?

A. Yes. Distributors may also earn income from the following income categories: Annual Membership Bonus, Alpha Direct Commission, Beta Fast Start Bonus, Delta Fast Start Bonus, and the Omega Direct Commission.

Q. Can a person pay the total amount due with Value Certificates?

A. The Company has negotiated a percentage and/or dollar discount amount with the Redemption Center Businesses. A person may pay this percentage and/or dollar amount with Value Certificates. It would be very unusual to pay the total amount due with Value Certificates.

Q. What are the denominations of the ValQuest Value Certificates?

A. ValQuest Value Certificates are offered in values of 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 20.

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