Training Document No. 52

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Member Duties and Responsibilities

Step One

1. Go to
2. Register.
3. Login.
4. Fill out and sign the Distributor Application and Agreement.
5. Obtain a $108.00 Money Order and pay the Annual Distributorship Fee.

Step Two

6. Place an order of the Value Certificates.
7. Sign and Print the Packing Sheet.
8. Sign and Print the Self-Liquidating Loan Agreement.
9. Obtain a Money Order for the Packing Sheet total.
10. Mail the above forms to ValQuest Ads.

Step Three

11. Receive the Value Certificates ordered from the Packing Sheets.
12. Go Shopping at the Authorized Redemption Centers (ARC).
13. Redeem the Value Certificates.
14. Receive the items selected.
15. Receive the Alpha Personal Commission.

Step Four

16. Enroll Distributors.
17. Sign out of your website before enrolling a person.
18. Obtain a duplicate Sales Book.
19. Sell Value Certificates to Customers.
20. Receive the Alpha Personal Commission.
21. Pay your Customers a Cash Rebate.

Customer Service

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