Do you want to make some money?

ValQuest Ads Inc. is a person-to-person advertising company. Its business model functions with the assistance of members to promote advertising campaigns for businesses. We ask our membership to advertise and broadcast relevant information about our participating merchant clients to potential customers. We offer our merchant clients a way to advertise with us for free. In its simplest form, this means: they don’t pay us, and we don’t pay them! We call the free method of advertising the Zero-Cost Advertising Program (Z-CAP).

The ValQuest Zero-Cost Advertising Program was created to give our clients additional cost cutting options to financially support their advertising needs. The Zero-Cost Advertising Program was designed to offer zero-cost advertising for our clients, to create value for our customers, and to provide an income path for our Distributors. ValQuest Ads compensates our Distributors to shop with Value Certificates at our Authorized Redemption Centers.

ValQuest’s primary business plan is centered on the merchant’s Zero-Cost Advertising Program coupled with member person-to-person advertising. The business purpose is to provide customers a way to save money when purchasing everyday items by utilizing a voucher system. The vouchers will be utilized to identify a person to a participating merchant’s business, to verify that the person is entitled to a discount on the merchant’s products and/or services, and to track the success and effectiveness of a client’s Advertising Campaign.

ValQuest’s goals are to provide value in the marketplace for our customers, an income opportunity for our distributors, and to offer free advertising for the merchants that participate in our zero-cost advertising campaigns.