Training Document No. 59

Delta Fast Start Bonus 

Delta Fast Start Bonus Chart

During phase three, the Delta Fast Start Bonus (DFSB) is paid on nine-generations for two calendar months beginning on the first AU SLL participation date by a new distributor. It rewards the enroller and the direct line distributors for their time spent while personally training and helping a new business owner enrolled in their business. The enrolling Marketing Director of a new business owner is entitled to receive a Delta Fast Start Bonus generated by the new business owner. The Delta Fast Start Bonus nine-generation data is displayed in the following chart. 


Each Distributor producing 400 AU and enrolling five
The DFSB is calculated using 100% of the AU Number  

Nine Generation DFSB Chart

Gen Distributors Percent DFSB
1             5 7.5 150
2            25 1.25 125
3          125 1.25 625
4          625 2.5 6,250
5       3,125 2.5 31,250
6     15,625 2.5 156,250
7     78,125 2.5 781,250
8    390,625 2.5 3,906,250
9 1,953,125 2.5 19,531,250



  • The Delta Fast Start Bonus clock begins during the initial AU participation date and will conclude at the end of the second calendar month following the initial AU participation date.
  • Each distributor will earn up to their personal AU-SLL level from their recruits.
  • The enrolling participating Distributor will receive the DFSB for two calendar months.