Training Document No. 57

Alpha Personal Commission 

Alpha Personal Commission

The following example will describe the process using an AU-SLL amount of $400

  • The participating Member loans $400 to ValQuest Ads
  • $400 in Value Certificates are created and deposited into a Value Certificate Account
  • The AU and the VC Accounts have increased the Potential Value to $800
  • There are five additional accounts
  • The Advertising Unit account
  • The Alpha Account 
  • The Beta Account 
  • The Delta Account 
  • The Omega Account
  • The Member can withdraw the $400 in Value Certificates
  • The participating Member redeems the Value Certificates and will receive the merchandise
  • The Self-Liquidating Loan is liquidated, and the person is now financially even
  • The participating Member will begin to receive the Alpha Personal Commission 
  • The participating Member will receive the Value Certificates and $100 in this example


  1. Participating Members will receive the purchased products and/or services from the Authorized Redemption Centers (ARC) as they redeem the Value Certificates.
  2. We are not asking people to spend money they aren’t already spending or buy what they aren’t already buying; we are just helping them do it in a more productive way.