Training Document No. 56

Start Up Procedures

 Member Start Up Procedures

Phase One – Section A

  1. Become a member by Filing the Member Application and Agreement
  2. Dollar Stretcher Program
  3. File the Personal Volume (PV) Self-Liquidating Loan (SLL) Agreement
  4. The Annual Membership Fee (AMF) cost is $20.00
  5. Receive the Annual Membership Bonus (AMB) of Value Certificates
  6. The AMB totals $20.00.

Phase One – Section B

  1. Income Opportunity
  2. File the Advertising Unit (AU) Self-Liquidating Loan (SLL) Agreement
  3. Receive ValQuest Ads Value Certificates
  4. Redeem Value Certificates for products at Authorized Redemption Centers (ARC)
  5. Receive Alpha Personal Commission (APC)
  6. The APC contains 25% of the participating Distributor’s personal AU’s
  7. Advertise the opportunity and enroll an organization

Phase Two

  1. Receive the Beta Organization Commission (BOC) from your organization’s participation
  2. The BOC is a commission containing 25% of the Distributor’s three-generation organization’s AU’s

Phase Three

  1. Personal Sales Commission (PSC)
  2. Customer sales help the Distributor to qualify for various Titles
  3. Receive the Delta Fast Start Bonus (DFSB) from your organization’s participation
  4. Receive the Omega Direct Commission (ODC) from your organization’s participation