Third-Phase Income Opportunity

Customer Sales Commission (Offline Customer Sales)

The Customer Sales Commission (CSC) is a commission earned on the sale of Value Certificates to customers purchased directly from the Distributor. The business plan is designed to have distributors give their customers a discounted price. A Distributor, as an independent contractor, can decide the discount price and/or percentage offered to their customers for their products. The value will be realized by the customer as the ValQuest Value Certificates are redeemed.

The discount percentage offered by the distributor will directly affect the distributor’s profit. The higher the discount percentage given the less Customer Sales Commission will be earned by the distributor. The discount percentage selected must be balanced against the distributor’s potential income and the benefits provided to the customer. The higher the discount percentage is, the more likely the customer is to purchase the Value Certificates. The added benefit of the sale to the distributor is the customer’s volume adds to their personal CV volume. The CV volume directly influences the distributor’s title.

We are not asking people to spend money they aren’t already spending, or buy what they aren’t already buying at a business; we are just helping them do it in a more productive way. One item that makes this system unique is the fact that all active participants will either save money or earn commission money.

Income Disclaimer 
The charts and examples utilized within this business plan document are used for demonstration purposes only and in no way imply that a participant will earn a particular income. The charts and examples are for training purposes only and do not represent actual incomes earned by participants. The participant must understand that the company does not guarantee the success of the participant’s business, or the income, if any, that he/she might earn. The participant must understand that the success of the participant will depend on his/her own efforts, skills, and productivity.