Annual Membership Bonus

Annual Membership Fee and Bonus

Part of the Annual Membership Fee (AMF) provides the funds needed to begin sponsoring businesses, the designing of the software, completing the self-replicating website, providing an inventory of Value Certificates, and legal cost. ValQuest Ads will be collecting the $20.00 Annual Membership  Fee when filing the AMF Self-Liquidating Loan Agreement to help offset these costs. Distributors will receive their Annual Membership Bonus (AMB) of Value Certificates.

The Annual Membership  Fee is collected from each applicant using the AMF Self-Liquidating Loan Program. The AMF-SLL will be liquidated by providing $20 in Value Certificates. The Value Certificates are delivered to the Distributor from the Annual Membership Bonus (AMB) Account. The Business Plan compensation begins with participating members receiving $20.00 in Value Certificates. This action will liquidate the AMF-SLL. ValQuest Ads named this method of saving money when a person shops “The Dollar Stretcher.”