Membership Drive and Income Opportunity

With Valquest the opportunity is all yours to take.

Membership Drive and Income Opportunity

ValQuest Ads Inc is a person-to-person advertising company. Its business model is designed to function with the assistance of members to promote word of mouth zero-cost advertising campaigns for businesses. The advertising campaigns will be funded by an organization of our participating members.

ValQuest Ads business plan and income opportunity has been divided into three-phases. The first phase is the beginning of the pre-launch. The first phase contains the beginning steps required to increase the general membership and boost the operational funds to a specific number. The operational funds will be collected from participating members by using the Self-Liquidating Loan Programs.

We have been asked by businesses: “How many members can your Company send me?” Since we are just starting, and we have no members it is very difficult to implement the zero-cost advertising program for businesses. Therefore, during the first phase ValQuest Ads Inc. will begin a membership drive to add new members.

Some of the operational funds collected will be utilized to begin sponsoring businesses that will become our Authorized Redemption Centers. The membership will grow as a result of existing members enrolling their future organization. Additional funds will be used to expand the business, for general business expenses, software development, and professional fees. The required funds for expansion will be obtained by member participation in two Self-Liquidating Loan Programs. Members that directly participate will receive Value Certificates and  the Alpha Personal Commission during the first phase.

The second phase of the business plan will begin after the Company has increased the membership to an acceptable number and has acquired the funds needed for the next phase. Members that directly participate in the first-phase AMF and PV Self-Liquidating Loan Programs will receive their Value Certificates and the Alpha Personal Commission during the first phase. The Beta Organization Commission will be paid after the software has been developed and approved.

The income opportunity and the Distributor’s Compensation Plan are based upon a Multi-Generation Marketing Uni-Level approach to marketing and product distribution. The term Multi-Generation-Marketing Uni-Level implies a distributor may receive personal compensation by acquiring an unlimited number of customers and by personally enrolling an unlimited number of distributors to help increase their overall business volume.

Compensation Plan Outline

The company has developed a generous and profitable performance-based Compensation Plan for the distributors that participate. ValQuest Ads Inc. does not pay a commission on the ValQuest Value Certificate sales. Instead, the Company pays a commission on the success of a merchant’s advertising campaign. One of the ways the success of an advertising campaign is determined is by the number of ValQuest Value Certificates redeemed at the Authorized Redemption Centers.

The Compensation Plan contains multiple compensation classifications:

  • Personal Sales Commission
  • Annual Membership Bonus
  • Alpha Personal Commission
  • Beta Organization Commission
  • Delta Fast-Start Bonus
  • Omega Direct Commission