How it Works

ValQuest Ads makes shopping affordable! Go Shopping – Save and Make Money.

 The Triple Win Business Plan

ValQuest Ads Inc. has developed a triple win business plan. Our goals are to provide value in the marketplace for our customers, an income opportunity for our distributors, and zero-cost advertising for businesses. The triple win business plan provides a win for our customers, a win for our members, and a win for our merchants.

The initial business plan’s purpose is to fight the harmful effects of inflation by providing customers a way to save money whenever they spend money. Members will save money on virtually everything they buy. We are not asking people to spend money they aren’t already spending or buy what they aren’t already buying; we are just providing them a more productive way to save money as they purchase items.

ValQuest Ads business model functions with the aid of members and distributors to promote advertising campaigns for businesses. One of our membership’s main responsibilities is to advertise and broadcast relevant information about our participating businesses to potential customers. The cost of the advertising campaigns will be funded by an organization of our members when taking part in the Self-Liquidating Loan Programs. The Value Certificates received are very desirable because a member’s net outlay is much less than the Value received.  

A business typically offers a discount on the products and services they advertise to the general public. We ask them for this discount on their products and services for the customers we send them. The business will be able to identify our customers because they will present the Value Certificates to the business during the checkout process. The merchants will collect the Value Certificates from the customer for the amount of the discounted percentage they agreed to in the Merchant’s Advertising Agreement.

The company has developed a generous and profitable performance-based Compensation Plan for the distributors that participate. ValQuest Ads Inc. does not pay a commission on the ValQuest Value Certificate sales, since ValQuest Ads does not sell Value Certificates. Instead, the Company pays a commission on the success of a merchant’s advertising campaign. One of the ways the success of an advertising campaign is determined is by the number of ValQuest Value Certificates redeemed at the Authorized Redemption Centers.

The business plan is designed to financially reward participants for shopping at our participating Authorized Redemption Centers. The personal use of our product will produce an immediate financial gain for our customers, members, and distributors. The value will be realized, and the income process will begin as the ValQuest Value Certificates are redeemed. 


The Personal Volume Self-Liquidating Loan (PV SLL) amounts are converted into Advertising Units (AU) and deposited into the AU Account. The total Advertising Units are equally divided. 25% is deposited into the Alpha Account, 25% is deposited into the Beta Account, 25% is deposited into the Delta Account for two months, and thereafter the 25% is deposited into the Omega Account. The remaining 25% is deposited into ValQuest Ads Operations Account.  

The Alpha Account funds the Alpha Personal Commission (APC), and the Beta Account funds the Beta Organization Commission (BOC). The Delta Account funds the Delta Fast Start Bonus (DFSB), and the Omega Account funds the Omega Direct Commission (ODC). 

The participating member’s names will be placed within the four tracking Templates. The participating Distributors will receive compensation from the Alpha Personal Commission, the Beta Organization Commission (BOC), the Delta Fast Start Bonus (DFSB), and the Omega Direct Commission (ODC) Templates.